Editor TM


With our innovative software, quickly and easily manage schedules, set scenes and create presets.  Automate your buildings using actions such as doors opening, motion detected or climate changes.  No need to call your service provider every time you want to make a change.


  • Put lighting and blinds on timers to welcome the morning or prepare for evening
  • Create presets to set scenes for your guests like 'movie night' or 'party'
  • Program any button on the control keypads to lock doors, dim lights, set the alarm, and secure everything at night
luxurious hotel  lobby interior
This is a special place for lovers. Elegant restaurant is illuminated and has romantic atmosphere


  • Set automations using any device on your CommandScapeTM  system as an activator
  • Program lights to illuminate the way as people approach
  • Adjust the temperature or turn off lights in rooms that are unoccupied to save energy


Set your schedules, presets, and automations, and add or delete users with Editor! No need to call in the experts for simple changes to your system.