With our unique floorplan view, glide effortlessly through your properties to control and manage lighting, blinds, security, and more with just one app! Cybersecure CommandScape technology eliminates the need for passwords that can be lost, guessed or forgotten.

Personalized Floorplan

  • Easily find the room you want to view or control
  • Change lighting and blinds or select presets to quickly adjust to the perfect settings
  • Zoom directly to any area experiencing an alarm to instantly check video

Alerts & Notifications

  • Has your garage door been open for over 5 minutes? Is someone in the driveway? Receive alerts or notifications for any event of interest
  • View status by simply tapping on your message
  • Stay in the know for all system activity, property breaches or changes in system modes

custom presets

  • Guests on the way?  Create or activate a custom preset to prepare for the party
  • Instantly lower the shades and dim the lights for movie night
  • Program a preset to secure your entire home for bedtime

Unmatched Security

  • No passwords means instant connectivity
  • No one can access your properties without an authorized device
  • Nothing's more secure!

Everything that matters

Right at your fingertips, with NavigatorTM